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K55 can't switch colors?


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I have been owning this K55 keyboard for about 2 months now.

Today I noticed the colors on my keyboard suddenly switched to a static 3 color option while it has been on the rainbow effect ever since I had it.


I looked through the manual and tried to switch it back by using FN+= but nothing changed. Even switching to other colors by using all the FN combinations didn't change anything for some reason.


Also tried to do a FN+F4 reset but this didn't help either.

Any other solutions which I can try to get it back on the rainbow wave scheme?


(Keyboard is set on AZERTY, since it's the default in Belgium if that matters)


Thanks in advance!


EDIT: Installed Corsair CUE, did a firmware update (even though it was already on the newest) and suddenly it's working again. Guess it bugged out somehow?

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