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Corsair One the one for me?


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I was thinking about buying a Corsair One PC but don't know much about it! I heard it's amazing, but will it handle what I want to use it for? (Sorry, I'm a PC NOOB!)


I want to stream on twitch at HQ, while running some high FPS games like PUBG, Battlefield, etc.


I also want to run 2 144HZ monitors on it, is that possible? I didn't see monitor ports besides an HDMI.


Will it handle running obs, discord, games, twitch, and monitors at once? Thanks! Sorry I'm a noob!

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I haven't bought one yet, but am looking into it as you are.

I can tell you that there are 2 hdmi and 2 display ports. The other 3 ports are on the back.


It should be able to run all those things at once, but dunno at what quality you will be able to stream at while maintaining high fps. I don't stream, but I do know you want many cores for streaming on one PC if you don't use a capture box. Maybe Corsair will start offering models with Ryzen, though I guess that will depend on MSI modifying the motherboard to support the chipset.

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