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K70 RMA - Custom Keycaps


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TL;DR: Looking to RMA a keyboard, replaced the keycaps and don't have the originals. Is that a problem?

EDIT: Tried compressed air, no change.

ALSO EDIT: Discovered that pressing the key down firmly causes it to unpress, then press/unpress again when released.


Backstory: Bought a K70 RGB just shy of two years ago, and the spacebar has started repeating on me. Press once, type twice. Happens consistently across programs, reproduced it in SwitchHitter, so figure it's a switch issue. Opened a ticket.


Problem is, I replaced the keycaps a while back, and no longer have the originals (spacebar and a few other bottom-row keys are still using the original caps). I figure that could be an issue, so I contacted support via chat... and they told me that any modification would void the warranty, despite the fact that Corsair produced and sold a replacement set of keycaps for the K70 line. Sounds like a canned response, so here I am.

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