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Corsair SSD MP500 - How hot is your ssd?


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It's a common issue with m.2 ssd's.

Mine was 65c in idle, while it was installed under the motherboard's "armor".


I took it out to second m.2 slot that is not covered by anything. Temp droped to 45-55 idle.


And now I have purchased a PCI adapter card with a heatsink.

Now it is sitting around 40c with a bit of load and closer to 36 in total idle.

Have a look - http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=166567



I have to confess, that I am sorry that I didn't bought samsung's 960 series ssd.

As far as i have noticed, they are a bit cooler and a bit faster.


And it's about time for Corsair to update their ssd toolbox + release a driver for those, who want to use Windows 7.

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It does run so hot at times, especially bulk transfers. I don't think I was able to keep my finger on it...so I'll definitely get a stick-on cooler for it if it persists.


I'm with Links that I wish I had gone the Samsung route.


Also, I got my MP500 to work on Windows 7, it was a fiddle (and a lot of failures with Youtube vids guides). I just don't think it's showing the performance it should, although ATTO is providing decent speeds, the responsiveness isn't quite there, which is a shame and I can only assume it's how I did it.

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