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Corsair Link older versions?


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Is there a way to get access to the older versions? I formatted and installed the latest version and the Performance profile is wayyyy louder than before, and I don't like it. Before it seemed as Balanced was nice for usual use, performance was good for gaming but now its just wayyy too loud.



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You should look before you post, check the 26th thread in this section


The 26th thread, brilliant. You do realise, I did look, but you know, I can't spot every single little detail.


Still, i assume you mean the ones you posted here:




But I don't know which version I had so I was hoping to find them dated. :)


I think it was the one before the current release.. It was when they first introduced Kaby Lake cpus as the one before that I had, didn't recognise my KL


edit: Apparently the one that supported Kaby Lake is the one I downloaded today, as I just downloaded the one you had before it on your previous link ( http://softwaredownloads.corsair.com...-v4.5.0.55.zip )


however, i downloaded it, installed it, then updated to latest, and the profiles quiet, balanced, performance work as they did before, rather than the fresh install makes them work horribly..



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