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H100i (2012 model) firmware upgrade


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So I purchased an H100i back in November 2012 and been using it since. I never bothered to upgrade the firmware beyond 1.0.4 because if I recall correctly I had some difficulty and just decided to leave it alone. It's run for 4.5 years without issue.


I just upgraded to a 7700k and transferred my h100i over and decided I should look into installing CL and seeing what my options are. I notice there is no longer an option to update firmware and the only way to do it is to install an older version of CL. I've also read a number of people still having issues with firmware and bricking their units. I'd like to avoid this.


What are my best options here? CL detects the unit now and I can see temps and change built-in profiles but I have no ability to tweak them or make my own. I'm guessing this is due to the firmware. I also picked up an RM750i PSU that I'd like to monitor as well and that does not appear to be working.


Any tips would be helpful. Thanks!

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