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cpu detect issue with RM750i or/and H100i ?


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I have reasontly gotten RM750i power supply for my new MSI x370 Titanium motherboard/Ryzen 1800x and i own a Corsair H100i cooling system too, thou motherboard is indicating my ryzen is not detected,

OBS: I have asked MSI thou i thought why not ask here sense you got a way better forum then MSI.

So any who has same problem ?

Can it be a cooler or power issue ?


Now i am gonna post a direct link to the post so you can check my specs

IF YOU MODS/ADMINS do not want the link here keep in mind that any who come here that has same issue, they might do the same so why not just have one and all who is wondering can go to the link if now the issue is not corsair and cpu! (JUST DELETE THE LINK IF YOU DISSAGREE)


Here more info is as prommised (here)

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