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Corsair Link don't work with amd rx 480


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This has been a known issue since at least 09-Dec-2016 and as usual Corsair have failed to address it :mad:.


Given the vast number of other posts about exactly the same issue I am at a loss as to why you created yet another thread :confused:.


Half the issue is that Corsair refuse to list known issues when they should do this and need another :asskick:. I suspect the reason they don't is it would be a very long list.


24. http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?p=881930 - AMD GPU fan speed and temperature information not reported.


I suspect the issue is actually a bug in the AMD GPU drivers that AMD should fix.


AMD Driver : it was working on 16.11.5, and it's not working on 16.12.1 (Crimson Relive). Please note I've done a fresh install of drivers (new feature on Relive drivers)
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