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Advice for a first time memory overclocker

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I've overclocked many a CPU in my time, but I have never tried to overclock my ram past just using X.M.P. profiles so this is a first for me. The ram I have is rated for 2666mhz 15-17-17-35. I am still using the base X.M.P profile for my overclock but I have changed a few things, & I'm wondering if my "overclock is safe" and such. My current settings for my ram are 3200mhz & 15-17-17-40 with the voltage at 1.355. Currently, I'm able to boot into windows and windows has yet to crash. I've run AIDA64 for 20 minutes of stress testing and didn't notice anything wrong or any errors. (I know I should let it run for longer but I don't have the time to do so, just in case something does go wrong) My CPU is currently running at 4.2ghz @ 1.25 adaptive +-10 on the voltage. Strap is at the default 100.00

Any feedback is welcome and appreciated.


Edit; So today I can't boot the PC with those settings. I changed the ram settings to 16-17-17-40 @1.35 and it boots again. Not sure what's up as I rebooted the system over a dozen times yesterday with the old settings no problem....

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