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GTX 1080 TI not recognized


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I just bought a gtx 1080 ti funder edition and I notice that on the latest version of the corsair link. It does not appear .. No information on this component.


An upcoming update of the corsair link?


Thank you

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As the GTX 1080Ti is reported via NVAPI and an updated Corsair Link should not ne needed. Specifying "latest version" is silly as I have no way to know if you really have CL and need to ask you to confirm this.


Do any 3rd party programs report it? Which version of the NVidia drivers are installed? If you posted the Menu->Machine->GPU Info from my SIV utility I could comment further.


You should use http://forum.corsair.com/forums/profile.php?do=extra to add your PC specs to your profile as these may provide some insight into the issue.

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