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3D printed parts for 460X case i created


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Hi guys,

one month ago i bought a Corsair 460X case to change my old rig, and i´ve discovered a couple of things about it that i don´t like.

So, as an owner of a 3D printer i decided to fix that "problems" on my own and now i want to share them for the community.


The first issue is that the case doesn´t fit in my small ikea table, it´s height... so i dismounted the case feet and designed

new ones with less height, and them worked.

Here is my Thingiverse link with all the info,



The other issue is that the front fans absorb a lot of dust in my home, and it causes that the case look dirty, so i

designed a piece to fit in the lateral apertures which they work like a filter. I install those pieces today, so i

don´t know it they are going to work well...



Enjoy them!

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I will try to explain.


The case take the air for both sides, so we need two set of filters. Each filter set must have two "long" pieces, two "short" and two clips.


So (remember, one filter set) you have one long piece glued with one short piece, joined by the rectangle part that you see in the long piece, so then one side is totally flat (and in the other side have the rectangle out). You do this again with the other couple of pieces (i use plastic glue for all the steps).


When you have the two new pieces ready, it´s time to cut the foam and make the filter.

As you can see in the Thingiverse description, i used one foam sheet that i found in a boardgame store. It´s use is to protect figures when you store them in boxes. I think it has 3mm of width (They are like these, but thinner https://www.creativesafetysupply.com/content/education-research/101-tool-foam-organizer-hacks/images/Foam-for-Tool-Box-Drawers.jpg?v=2).

You should cut the foam to fit the printed piece, and better if you leave 1mm extra... the piece will fit better in the case.


Then, you glue the three parts together (printed part - foam -printed part), and when they are dry, you can attach the two clips, one for each side.

Then you are done with one filter for one side. Do all the steps again and you will have the two complete filters.


The filters fits in the case thanks to the bolts that are in the front panel. If you remove the front panel you will see how you are going to put there... The filters are going to take an "arch" position, the top and the bottom of the filters will stay between the bolt and the exterior, and because there is a clip in the medium zone of the plastic part of the front panel that makes it fit to the case, you will need to curve the filter to avoid that. But don´t worry, it will fit good.


I will do a couple of photos of them installed actually in my case and put them in Thingiverse.

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so by those photos and your description it is held into place and only contacts the top of the case and wedged in front of the long thumb screws correct? I assume it is slightly longer than the insides to allow this? Also the only filament he has in black at the moment are petg and pla. which one would you recommend?


Side note: I just got the case for my ryzen build and find the TG side panel very hard to keep in place. Im been trying to find a way to maybe make little studs for the case to rest on so you can just easily screw on the side panel but also not scratch it. Took a trip down to the hardware store to see if i could any ideas. Not much.... You happen to have any ideas?

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I used PLA, don´t know about PETG... ask him which is better.


I updated my Thingiverse and uploaded a couple of photos about how it´s hold by the thumbscrews. You can see the slightly arch that the piece has in the middle.


I´ll try to describe,


Top- filter fit between the thumbscrew and the lateral part of the front.

Middle - filter maskes an arch because the connection of the front panel with the case (but you can see in the photos that fits perfect)

Bottom- filter fit between the thumbscrew and the lateral part of the front.


Don´t know how much will you have to pay for these pieces, but they use small amount of filament and they´re a faster print. So don´t pay much...


The important part of this, is the foam.. so maybe if you cut it well it could fit in the case without rigid plastic support... or make a frame from cardboard or similar...

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