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Corsair LED Ram Stopped my ASUS Aura Lighting


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Hi Guys,


I have a new ryzen system i built,

I was running a single stick of hyperX 2133 4GB for a week while I waiting for my order to ship for the new ram.. the system was all good, and been fun mucking around with an 8core.


today I recieved my package (16GB [2x8GB] 3000MHZ LED Vengeance)

As soon as I stuck them in the motherboard, the motherboard's Lighting, which runs near the tracks of the audio codec turned off..

the Ram lights pulse on off like a slow breathe, tho not in SYNC!


I liked the asus setting which set the cpu fan/mobo lights based on thermals.. now that stopped working :(


something funny going on, a conflict or something!?!?


Mobo is

Asus Prime PRO X370

2x Corsair 3000MHZ DDR4 LED Vengeance @ 2933

Ryzen 1700 @ 3.7 All8

Asus RX480 8GB


I have tried corsair link, but the app is useless! no settings show up for the rams.

asus's aura app does nothing now.


they both can launch fine, just nothing happens in the asus app when changing colour or something


Please Help

Many Thanks


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