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HELP! Firmware update ruined either my Corsair fan controller or my Lightning Node


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Just spent a lot of money and time redoing my case and lighting. I got the 570x case, 6 HD 120 fans with a controller and the Lighting Pro Node with strips. I saw a few videos and knew exactly what I wanted.


My friend and I set up everything and after a quick play with Corsair Link, all 6 fans were rainbows. The led strips themselves weren't working but that was something I was going to test out later.


Then I updated the firmware for the lightning pro node (version 0.2.54 and bootloader 0.2) and then fan slots 4,5 and 6 shut up except for one led on fan 4. The fans themselves work fine as I can swap them to slots 1-3 on the controller so it's either the HD controller or the lightning node.


So the LED strips aren't working and now slots 4,5,6 don't work. I swapped the cables slots on the lightning pro node and it's still the same.


Here are some pics





I know there is a software update. Did it and nothing changed.


What are my options here? Going crazy at the moment.

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