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AX1200i issues?


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I purchased a Refurb AX1200i from Microcenter last week. Seems like a nice PS, and like not having 6000 extra cables to have to figure out where to stuff them. But this morning, I noticed something strange - when I shut the PC down, about half a second or a second after it powered down, it just powered back on. I didn't think much of it and continued to take apart my PC As I was swapping out my Crosshair VI Hero for a new one as it was having issues.


When I returned home and put it all together, when I powered it on, I noticed that the POST was hanging. Didn't think much of it, but left it sitting there while I did something else on another machine - then it suddenly just shut off. At that point, it would not power on, and when I shut the main switch off until all power drained and turned it back on, it would power the system on for a fraction of a second.


I disconnected it all and hooked up my original PC Power & Cooling Silencer MkII 950 and everything is working spot on. Ran that for an hour or so to get things straightened out, then powered down and put the AX1200 back in. Powered up and seemed to work fine. Strange. It was up for maybe 10 minutes, and while I had stepped away for a minute, it shut down again. Tried to power on, nothing. Shut the main switch off until power drained and then turned on and tried to power on, and same thing: Powered up for a fraction of a second. So I'm PRETTY sure it's the PS at this point since as soon as I put the PCP&C supply back in, it was back to running like normal.


Any input from Corsair?

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