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Less than a week left trying the scimitar mouse


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hey, thanks to those who've helped with issues I was having and questions I needed answers to. Unfortunately my time with this mouse is done since ive had surgery on my right hand leaving me unable to use the mouse through the rest of this trial period.


So I'm just going to take it back to the store in a few days while I'm waiting on a reply from support I sent two days ago for some of the more serious problems I'm having with the Software and Mouse, unfortunately I didn't get any replies from official corsair team members on those... I would still like to help you help me with these issues so you can improve your product for everyone else (I would do the same for anyone also).


You will find those two unresolved post links below along with a suggestion that I believe will still be an excellent addition to the new software.



Corsair bugs out with 2nd monitor active:




Lift/rest pointer glitch:



Multiple action sets suggestion: Still think it would be a great addition to the CUE Software even after 2.11 release;





The mouse and software has been great except for those issues, leading up to my hand surgery I was starting to feel a lot more comfortable controlling the mouse with all those buttons under my thumb, I was controlling those accidental press's a lot better, turns out I just needed to force my self to use it longer to start getting used to it, for me it took about two weeks.


Having soo many customizable buttons makes this mouse very productive not just with games but even at the office for doing repetitive tasks that you would need to do in spreadsheets, word processing, even programming and engineering software.


Great product, I am glad to have the chance to try it out! I just have a few more mice to try before I decide on one of them.



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