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Replacement kit of same model(but newer version) incompatible?


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I recently sent in a 4x4GB kit ( CMZ16GX3M4A1600C9 ) for RMA because 2 out of 4 modules were getting errors in memtest.. The kit I sent in had version number 2.2 and the replacement kit has version number 5.14.


I am unable to boot at all with ANY of the new modules where as with the old kit I was able to boot with all 4 installed at the same time albeit with errors in memtest. Motherboard POST code display shows error 55 suggesting the motherboard is unable to recognize the RAM at all. Changing BIOS settings has no effect at all(same settings as with previous kit or looser timings, etc..). The computer boots fine if I put in a stick from another kit.. I have installed the latest BIOS for motherboard that doesn't force me to use a specific OS.


I suspect the modules may have suffered damage while in transit as the shipping box had partially caved in and the metal heatsinks on the units are bent, severely enough on some that the metal edge is actually physically touching the board but I have trouble believing ALL of them would've suffered bad enough damage not to even be recognized as RAM by the computer!


Is it possible that a newer hardware revision of the RAM has made it incompatible with the motherboard?

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