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Corsair's Failed customer support System.

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I have RMA 2 Items back to corsair for replacement, I have had information back from courier stating they did arrive you even to the day this post has been made the Ticket is still sitting on awaiting arrival, lol. Anyway I have recieve one of the items back thanks for your speedy turn around on that item but as I sent both items back at the same time in the same box. I would have expected to have the second one back buy now too.


There is no way of contacting Corsair except through a ticket system no one bothers to update, you no confomation email letting you know if they get your item\s, No email stating they have sent you a replacement. Your just left in the dark. And like I siad above my tickets are about two weeks old now and both tickets the one for the fans and the one for the cooler are still sitting on Awaiting Arrival, even though I have had replacement fans.


There are lots of companies who keep incontact over the smallest items letting you know they are sending you replacements and when they have dispatched them so you have an idea when they will arrive.


Get your customer support sorted and get more ways of contacting the istead of your ticket system, like a email address or phone number if possible.


Or just keep intouch through emails with your customers letting them know whats happening as its the customers who keep you in business.

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