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Question about testing memory


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Hello. I just recently bought a new computer. Been using Corsair ram since the old thunderbird days.


So heres the story.

Asus MAXIMUS VIII HERO board. the board states

Dual DDR4 3733 (OC) support.


i7 4ghz unlocked with turbo to 4.2.

I bought 2 kits of Corsair Vengeance DDR4 2x8gb 16gb 3200mhz ram so I have 32gb ram. (4 sticks of 8gb each)

Kit CMK16G4M2B3200C16


Now from my old core i7 1366 computer I remember adding extra ram into the mix is tuff and some times timings have to be lowered or voltage upped. I also noticed that the motherboard supports 3733 but to me that sounds like it means that speed with only 2 sticks in it while I am running 4 sticks.


I upped the multiplier to 43 (4.3ghz) and left the cpu voltage to auto, and I put the memory on xmp profile and the voltage was 1.35 after running the xmp

I was thinking since there is double the sticks of ram and running them at 3200mhz. I should add some voltage to it. So I changed that to 1.355v to the ram, and I just rebooted and changed it to 1.36v


I ran prime95 for 11 hours 30 min on stock blend settings with no issues, but it wasn't using very much ram I think maybe 6gb


Ok. so I have 2 questions if you would help me out


Question #1.

What program would you guys at Corsair recommend for me to use to test all 32gb or most of it that will actually put a load on the memory and tell me if its stable aka its not making errors.


Question #2.

With my setup, what should I be doing with the ram voltage, leave it at auto, add more voltage since I am running more sticks, and what is the 'safe' level of voltage I can bump the voltage up to before the ram starts to get mad


I am running the h115i water block on the computer, and there is no dedicated fan on the ram.


The reason I ask this is I tried running Rog Ramcache set at 12gb, and it ran great for a few hours then when I was playing wow I had a hard studder where I thought the system was gonna lock up but it pulled through and then I thought maybe my ram is crying a bit. Computer hasn't blue screened or reset or anything.

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