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HX620w Modular Cables SATA Power orientation


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Hi. I've just built a new PC using the above PSU. I have it mounted in the bottom left (normal position) with the power cables exiting the back of the case and then up the back of the HDD enclosure. The issue I'm having is that with the HDD's installed in their correct orientation, the SATA power connectors on my Corsair modular cable are the wrong way around. The only way of attaching them is to either a) feed the cable up the inside of the case and then down the back of the HDD enclosure, or b) install the HDD's upside down. I cant do either of these because a) the cables are not long enough and b) mounting the HDD's upside down means the SATA data cables would then be the wrong way up meaning my 90deg SATA cables would point up instead of down.


Can I buy module cables with the SATA power plugs orientated in a way that would allow me to a) install my HDD's properly and b) feed the cable from bottom to top (as is the norm in a case).



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