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How to save 'static' profile to strafe RGB


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Hi guys


Strafe RGB owner for a couple of days, latest FW (2.05?)


Everytime I start my computer, or lock my screen once logged into Windows, the colours on my strafe revert back to 'all red' with WASD and arrow keys in white.


When I'm actively using my computer, my custom profile is used.


How do I save my custom profile as a default, to overwrite the 'all red' profile, which I never, ever want to see? I've heard the term 'static profile' used. Would someone kindly tell me how to save my static colour profile to the keyboard using CUE?


EDIT: I understand the static means that I cant have any profile that uses 'changing' colours saved back to the keyboard, as that requires CUE to be running. This is fine for me, I'm actually just wanting static colours, set to the device itself, so I could use them without running CUE.



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