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Lapdog magnets falling out?


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My magnets also fall out. Today the worst happened, when the laptop slipped off the edge of the couch, one of the magnet fell out and I seem to have lost it.


I have searched every where for it and cannot find it, now my Laptop is unusable because it is now unstable due to missing one of the magnets.


Where can I get some replacement magnets for the Lapdog?

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What you need to do if you still have the magnets:


Check which side is attracted to the bottom piece.


With that figured out, take sand paper to the side that fits into the top piece, and you might as well score the inside plastic.


Use super glue, small drop should do, or a smear.


In 5 minutes, should be ready to go.


Can use epoxy, but super glue is easier.

Hot glue is not an option, possible demagnetizing can happen.

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