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Hey guys, I just picked up my K70 Lux RGB yesterday but I'm already having a ball with it. New to the forums ( hey, sup)


don't have the ability to get a video up of it right now but I made a profile synced to the Kamehameha wave sound from DBZ (Edit: so is the sound file)


there is also a profile on there similar to @empire union "negative fel" ( http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=160426 ) form his demon hunter profile with a little adjusting and color matching


inside the zip is the .prf files for all keyboard models ( using Krazykid's converter, tagging him once i figure it out)


side note unsure if they converted correctly, but the natural format i made it in was K70 Lux


my first profile! go easy! cheers :D:


EDIT: crappy YT video of it but yay





Fade mode





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