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Very mini Corsair ML 120mm and 140mm review


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I purchased:

1 Corsair 120mm ML twin pack

2 Corsair 140mm ML twin pack



i5 6600k at 4.5ghz

msi 1080 seahawk, stock


I have a Fractal Design r5 windowless black case and I was using the 2 stock Fractal Design fans for intake, 1 Noctua NF-P12 PWM on my cpu heatsink and 1 Noctua NF-P12 PWM on my MSI 1080 Seahawk on the top rear as push/exhaust.


The 140mm Corsair ML is louder than the Fractal Design 140mm at the same rpm

The 120mm Corsair ML is louder than the Noctua NF-P12 120mm at the same rpm.

Both Corsair ML types push significantly more air at the same rpm than their counterparts. This is an important note. The amount of air they push compared to the Fractal Design stock fan and the NF-P12 at the same rpm is like...50% more from what my girlfriend and I could handfeel.


Random benchmark. Running Furmark to get my gpu as hot as possible, in a 32C room

Noctua NF-P12 PWM @ 1100 rpm, gpu tops out at 58C @ 20 min.

2x Corsair ML 120mm in push/pull @900rpm, gpu tops out at 52C at 20min


my setup now:

2 ML 140mm front intake, 900rpm

1 ML 140mm bottom intake, 900 rpm

1 NF-P12 on CPU heatsink, 1100 rpm

2 ML 120mm on 1080 seahawk push/pull radiator at 900rpm.

I wanted to use a funnel/shroud (Bgears Cooling Fan Adapter) on the radiator and use 2 140mm ML fans on it but the water cables of the seahawk got in the way of the shroud. Hence why I bought 2 140mm twin packs and used one on the bottom intake now instead


I don't write reviews ever but I can answer additional questions. The point of this is to point out that the ML fans are not quiet but have great performance. at 100% rpm they are unbelievably loud but you can feel them from 1.5 meters away



side note: the only sound in my case now is my 1080 seahawk. it emits this slight annoying buzzing constantly. I head msi has atrocious RMA and i don't want to wait months for a replacement so can I replace the h55 cooler on it with the h90 for example? is it a simple screw/unscrew job in this case? I can't find any take apart vids for a seahawk


In the meantime since airflow is wonderful in my case currently, I purchased some AcoustiPack soundproofing material and will be resoundproofing my case with better material than fractal designs pads.

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Correct. It's on the bottom in a horizontal position. No rattling and the sound/flow is identical as the horizontal ones. I tested the entire rpm spectrum right now for 20 sec at each increment my motherboard allows and no rattling anywhere.
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