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VS512MB266 module reports as 333 module


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I have a VS512MB266 module in my system and decided to upgrade and buy another VS512MB266 so I could run dual channel. :):


But here's the problem: I just purchased another VS512MB266 module from a local supplier and it shows up as a 333MHz module :bigeyes: and my mother board will not run in dual channel mode. :(:


The first and existing module is numbered 817 0445034-1 001322 and shows up as a 266MHz module durring boot.


The sencond module I just purchased is numbered 0445001-1 and shows up as a 333MHz module durring boot. On close inspection of this module I did notice that it was different with chips only on one side of the module not on two sides like existing module.


I know that running dual channel requires the same technology modules with the same configuration, I thought this would be obtained by buying two Corsair modules with the same part numbers?


My system consists of the following:


Intel D865PERL motherboard

Intel Pentium 4 2.4GHz with 400-MHz bus

My memory setting in the bios are default allowing the modules to set their own speed and other settings.


I also tried forcing the modules down to 266 with manual settings but dual channel still did not work.


Please let me know what I should do to run dual channel mode with my existing module!

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Unfortunately you won't be able to if the system isn't already permitting it.


This is why Corsair, and many other manufacturers sell dual packages. This way the consumer gets two sticks of memory designed to work in dual channel mode. And in the case of Corsair, they are even tested to ensure that they will operate in dual channel mode.


Either return the module you bought and pickup a dual channel kit, and sell the existing memory module you have or run the setup in single channel mode.

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I will probably return the memory and run single channel with only one 512MB module. I can use the money from the return to buy something else. I think I will wait until I upgrade to a 800MHz bus processor before I upgrade to a dual channel kit.


Thanks again for your reply.

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