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Corsair link + h110i GTX causes USB headset constant disconect/reconect


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So basicaly if Corsair link is running along with any comunication program(skype, ts3, discord) my USB headset (logitech g35) will constantly disconect/reconect every few second.


If corsair link runs alone, its fine, the same if I only run the communication program(s).


Note that my headset is plugged in front I/O, so on one of my motherboard usb 2.0 header, while my h110i gtx is on a whole other 2.0 header.


Everything is fine while the corsair link cable is unpluged or disabled. So the problem doesnt really seem to be an direct incompatibility with the previously mentioned programs.

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To me this seems very strange and I have never seen a report like this before. My initial guess is that there is some strange hardware interaction of the USB devices and I am wondering exactly what the USB topography is. Were you to run my SIV utility and post the [uSB Bus] screen shot it would provide this information. The [Link Devices] screen shot would also be handy.


I am further wondering if SIV would also trigger the disconnect issue, so before running SIV exit CL4 and specify what happens.


I am also wondering if SIV has any issues with reading the H110iGTX so post [Link Status] + [Cooling Status] screen shots.

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SIV DOES cause the same interference (disconect/reconect) that CL had with my USB headset (while programs that uses mic are opened)

Aditional info: using my front usb 3.0 ports or any port on the back of my motherboard solves the problem.


Here are the screenshots




I could not find the [Link Status] screen you asked for

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SIV DOES cause the same interference (disconect/reconect) that CL had with my USB headset (while programs that uses mic are opened)

Aditional info: using my front usb 3.0 ports or any port on the back of my motherboard solves the problem.

I could not find the [Link Status] screen you asked for


We don't know if either CL4 or SIV caused the issue, all we know is that they triggered it. The cause could be almost anything. Given both trigger the issue I suspect the cause is not CL4 or SIV. I further expect if you use AIDA64 to report your H110iGTX it will also trigger the issue.


It's also possible that using the G35 Headset triggers issues with reading the H110iGTX. I asked for [Cooling Status] so I could check.


What does the Windows Event Log report as the reasons for the disconnects?


Please confirm USB headset the Logitech G35 Headset, I expect it must be.


The G35 is only a USB V1.10 device so runs at 12Mb/s rather than the 480Mb/s that USB V2.0 devices use. It's possible there is just not enough USB bandwidth for them both to be on the same USB Hub. Given that when you move the H110iGTX to a different USB Hub there is no issue I feel there must be some sort of hardware interaction.


[Link Status] is missing as SIV did not detect the H110iGTX on start-up. Please try starting SIV a few times when the G35 Headset is not being used. Once/if it detects the H110iGTX start using the G35 Headset, give it 5 minutes and then post new [Link Status] + [Cooling Status].

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First, thanks for the help and for the dedication to my issues. Really happy to see how helpfull this forum is.


I now have two more or less related issues


1. The USB headset issue :

I can confirm you that anything that can monitor the h110i GTX stats (colant temp, fan hub speed, pump speed) will trigger the issue. So my guess is that CL4 is not the center of the problem at all, but insdead just as you said, a trigger (like any other monitoring program that has access to the h110i)


In windows even viewer only "information" events pop up. No warnings, critical or any important errors. Each disconect and/or reconect causes those two types of information events.


This one

Metadata package 530113a6-54d3-45ab-ba3d-1cac9fa48d2e has been staged for container {97c09898-97bf-11e5-a770-ce154734f39f}, time was 46 milliseconds


and this one

Device 'G35 Surround Sound Headset' ({97c09898-97bf-11e5-a770-ce154734f39f}) has been serviced, processed 4 tasks, wrote 69 properties, active worktime was 107 milliseconds.


Any combination of monitoring program and comunication program will cause the same messages.




I did what you asked to get the [Link Status] (unplug the G35 USB headset then start siv then re-plug the g35). Here a the two screenshots you asked for






2. Profile resets to default when using any monitoring program

Any programs that has the ability to monitor the h110i (including siv) resets the h110i to it's default settings (I can confirm because the fans rev up to the speed of the default profile while my profile is the quiet profile, LED also changes to default color.). It will not come back to the quiet profile until I start CL4 (even a restart won't do) This is anoying because I can't use programs like AIDA64 to stress test because I want to stress test my quiet profile.


The default profile being the "balanced" profile, I tried putting my custom settings in this profile, but the "reset" that the monitoring programs do seems to reset to the default profile "hardcoded" in the h110i's firmware. So this is one workaround off the list. I also tried with the "performance" profile


Running CL4 and a monitoring program at the same time will cause the profile to reset then come back to my profile every second (the fans rev up and down really fast), like if the two programs are fighting each other for the h110i control, even tough the monitoring program isn't suposed to control the cooler at all.


Note that even if CL4 is a monitoring program the issue is not present (when its the only monitoring program running) because its the program that applies my custom profile.



After a bit of testing I realised it doesnt reset to any profile. It makes the fans run at a constant speed percentage regardless of the colant temp (none of the 3 "pre-installed" profiles have that setting by default). You can see that speed in the [Cooling status] screenshot.



EDIT: CL4 compatibility is activated in AIDA64, problem still present

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Here a the two screenshots


All the H110iGTX sample counts are 149 just like the motherboard sensors so there were no issues reading the H110GTX after 5 minutes. Were it my system I should check again after SIV had been running for a few hours.


I don't have any more ideas as to what triggers the USB disconnect issue, maybe others will. I wonder if you would get the same effect is you had a CoolIT H110i or H110iGT rather than an Asetek cooler, see http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?p=795986.


With my H80iGT I don't see the unexpected fan speed changes. I don't have a H110iGTX so can't check what happens with one.

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TL;DR : Does a custom profile stay active forever after unpluging the CL cable on an Asetek h110i GTX?




I have ONE workaround that I would use and would fix both problems.


But to use that workaround I need you to confirm one thing :


If I set a profile with custom settings and fan curves in CL4, then shutdown my PC, unplug (or disable in BIOS) the Corsair link cable.


Will the custom profile persist forever even without the corsair link cable? (With custom fan curves and all.)


I've read on other threads of this forum that the CoolIT firmware is suposed to do so, but the info is vague for the Asetek firmware.

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