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Corsair Vengeance K90 keyboard keys not working


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Been having some really odd problems with my k90 keyboard which is a shame because I love it. A year ago, I have spilt liquid (beer) on it and like a champ, after a day of drying it continued to work! But just a few days ago it stopped working...


I got the odd blinking Numb-locks light and a solid Cap-locks, but no keys or another lights on the keyboard worked so holding down F1 and the Win-lock button did nothing...


I opened the board up and cleaned everything thing rubbing alcohol in case there might be a short somewhere on the board. But no fix...


Currently after holding down the Esc key when plugging in. The lights all work. Changing setting in the Driver works (selecting M1 M3 etc, Lights On off). The Volume wheel also works and USB overlay....


But no Key seems to be responsive.


I'm not sure if this problem can be solved or if it's just a Christmas Tree at this point. There is power flowing to every key as all LED's are on, unless they are on their own separate circuit. But I don't know way the Volume wheel works perfectly AND why the Esc key worked only when plugging the device in (Flashes all lights on). I Also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Windows Keyboard drivers


any thoughts?

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Ok... So it's NOT broken!


I tried to update the firmware and the firmware update fails with an error message.... the LED's all turn off at this point... but then all of the keys start working! the media keys and back light however no longer works. So that's a good sign. Must just be a Firmware glitch

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