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Hydro 100i V2 pump died ?


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Today I had a great fear and a bad moment...

When I started my PC the hydro fans went at full speed and the LED was kinda blinking...

It was lighted in blue as I set it up, but blinking.

In windows, I opened Corsair Link and the were no monitoring of the Hydro, only from the MB.

CPU temp was rising and before I shut the PC down... zooom it stopped :eek: :confused:


I understood that the pump was not working...

I re-install the stock fan and the PC started again. Relief...

I pluged the hydro to an avaialble fan header, and yep, no movement inside the pump

I had installed it just 20 days ago...

I just sent it to the Return Department, hope I will get one back, that is not faulty as I was very satisfied of it.

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So, I got my RMA replacement Hydro 100i v2 2 days ago.

Process was really fast after the parcel reach the Netherlands facility !


I reinstalled it in my PC to realize that the USB Header where the first pump was connected seems to be dead...

On the Windows Device Manager panel there is an USB device I cannot get rid off. It says that it fails to recognize the device, even when nothing is connected to this header...


Anyway, I plugged the kit to another Header and everything works like a charm.

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