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Trying to power case fans with RM850i


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I recently purchased a RM850i and Corsair spec-02 case. I moved all my components over to the new case and all is working great, except for the fans.


I have the rear fan plugged into the mobo and that is working fine. Unfortunately, I have only one connector on my mobo for a case fan so the front fan couldn't be connected.


Today, I purchased 3 more Corsair 120mm fans and 4 cables that have a 4 pin molex connector (with 2 male pins) on one end and a 3 pin (male) connector on the other.


I put the new fans in the case, connected all the fans to the male to male cables and all 4 male-male to the PSU peripheral 4 pin molex (female connectors) cable. I powered up the computer and the fans connected to the PSU are not working.


I'm at a loss as to why the fans aren't working.




Thank you in advance.

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