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Odd problem with AX1200i

El Retardo

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Within the last week my mother had her Corsair PSU replaced on RMA (replacement unit is an RM650X). I fitted her new PSU on the day it arrived, works well, job's a good'un. Or so I thought.


Ever since that, while her machine is switched on the PSU in my PC - in another room has started making an annoying high frequency, high pitched chirping sound.


This only happens while her PC is powered on and operating, the sound emitting from my PSU will stop completely when she shuts her computer down. No other computers or devices in the house are affected as far as I can tell, only mine.


Any tips/suggestions greatly appreciated.

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Hi, tmshck122, and thanks for your reply. Yes, both machines run on separate surge protectors. I moved one PC to another floor, which should be on another circuit afaik, but the issue persists same as before.


Not sure what else to do at this point. I've ordered a new surge protector which supposedly does RFI filtration, so I'll post back with an update on how that turns out.

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