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4.2 Not Detecting...


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I like the new look, but have couple issues, and few questions.


1. Previously my Asus mother board fan sensors were showed RPM's for devices or fans connected to the mobo's fan connectors. Like the all important CPU fan speed. Not a single fan connector on my mobo is being displayed anywhere? ? ? Yet its reading all of my CPU, mainboard, and hard drive temps.


2. I used to have the option of starting the app either minimized, or not (displayed) at Windows startup. I would rather have the app load being displayed on my desktop, rather than loading as minimized after a cold boot, or a restart.


3. Like the new look, but allowed users to be able to select skin, text and, accent color, but is there no way to switch or change the Miami Dolphins colors of the turquoise and orange fan & sensor block colors?


4. After Link app loads, and you bring it up on the desktop from the "hidden" icons of the taskbar, it does not remember or retain the size your stretched it out to, it reverts back to default, and all my fan/temp blocks are over lapping each other.


5. (Part 1) I have CORSAIR Hydro Series H110 Extreme Performance Water/Liquid CPU Cooler mounted in the top with (2) Corsair Air Series AF140 Quiet Edition CO-9050009-WW 140mm High Airflow Case Fan. I actually have the same fans mount on both front case intakes, and the exhaust. Even though my CPU temps are low, I can not get the two fans mounted to the Rad to spin below 740 RPM, yet I can set the other (3) fans to run as low as 500 RPM.


(Part 2), I decided to put a create and apply a shutdown for the (2) fans mounted to my Rad, at minimum of 650 RPM, and to shutdown the PC. About 5 minutes after apply it, all of sudden the rear fan kicked into high gear at just over 1200 RPM. All CPU core temps (no notifications) were at normal low temps. started my PC back up, and immediately went into (won't load onto desktop) and unchecked everything in restrictions for both fans hit apply, but once again, Link shot my fan speed way up, and shut down the my PC. I then started it again, went into restrictions, nothing was checked, and darn if my system was not forcefully shut doen again by Link. After the 3rd cold boot, Link finally behaved as normal, and did raise fan sppeds again or shutdown my system.


6. This is a big issue, it no longer pulling the fan speed of my Video card, was always there is previous versions, it pussl the GPU temp, but not the fan? ? ? (MSI GeForce GTX 980 Ti Gaming 6G)

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