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What do I need for 2x Dominator Airflow Platinum + 1x AXi PSU?


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Hey there! :)


I noticed that the Commander Mini only has 1 LED spot. That would be enough if the fan would safe it's LED after setting it up.


However, if that is not the case, what do I need to be able to change the colors of 2x Corsair Dominator Airflow Platinum and monitor 1x 1200W AXi?

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The AX1200i is a none issue, just connect it to one of the four CL Mini C-Link ports.


See http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?p=796826 and keep reading for LED options.


So .. if I understand it correctly I have to do these things:


a) Buy a Commander Link Mini.

b) Buy a Corsair Link RGB LED Lighting Kit. / Or ask Corsair for just the Externder shells

c) Get the pins and cable for the splitter(?)

d) Get an electrician dude to make the Y splitter.


My question now is where doy ou buy said pins and the cables? I doubt that an electrician has them. OR could you reuse the pins from the lighting kit? I'm sure I have some ysplitter that I don't use. Could I reuse these cables to make things work?

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So .. if I understand it correctly I have to do these things


Mostly, but it's probably easier to use two of the LED extension cables that come with the Corsair Link RGB LED Lighting Kit to make the Y-Cable rather than get the shells and pins.


Having said it was easy I felt I should check, so I just made one. I have a number of LED extension cables that came with my lighting nodes/LEDs so I used two of those :biggrin:.

I expect rather than trying to get the shells and pins it would be far easier if you got a http://www.corsair.com/en-us/corsair-link-rgb-led-lighting-kit and used the two LED extenders from that to make the Y cable which is what I did.
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did you try to install a Corsair Dominator Airflow Platinum on a R5E ? i had bought one for my r5e and after first install i couldnt get the gpu on slot 1, or better said was to afraid to install the gpu since the holder on the ram banks dot let to much space to make a clear install of the gpu. it is few millimeters and on my 980 ti strix aafter the pcie it has some transistor/chips with the pcb, if the backplate was covering it all the way till the pcie slot i wouldnt mind to install it but with them on the way, or better on such a place where they could get damaged , no thanks.
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