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my frustration with corsair link


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I just built a new pc and having been a long term user of corsair components continued to stick with them


In this build I went with the 100i gtx for the link function and the HX750i power


The link software has been such a nightmare so far I have not even connected the HX750


System is windows 10 64bit


First run with corsair link all fans read incorrectly some didn't read and it would not pick up the cooler


The cooler issue was a win 10 issue with a digitially signed driver


Sorted that


After it continued to add devices and fans etc until it became unusable


It is connected to its own usb 2 header on the board I only have 2 headers and the other is unused


I then downloaded the latest version


That is better but still no where near correct


I now have still a problem of the fan readings on one fan being triple to what they are.


in home screen the fans are there


in configure screen the fans are not there so you cant put them on the chassis picture


am I expecting too much that it should just do the basics properly??


Anyone have any suggestions as I was going to try buying new fans but bios picks them up perfect and they show in homescreen except values are wron?


board is a Z170x g3

100i gtx cooler

200mm coolermaster fan on front

120mm coolermaster fan on rear

win 10 64 bit

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I did the update now which does seem to of fixed some issues


In the home screen all my fans are now showing and the speeds are also correct.


before Only 2 fans were recognised and the radiator fan speed was double what it was my assumption was because it was dual radiator fans it was adding the 2 fans together.


In the configure screen unfortunately my front and rear fans still don't appear so you cannot overlay them on the chassis picture.


I must say the SIV program was great to compare and helped me figure out all the strange things with corsair link


on a side note what does the pump speed run at is 1800rpm in quiet mode correct or is this an overead?

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