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Help me install the Corsair AF140mm case fans please!


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I bought a Corsair 750D Full Tower case and it came pre-installed with three Corsair AF 140mm fans. The two case fans on the front panel were installed using long fan screws. So I figured I'll just pop them out, put aside the old case fans, and re-use the long fan screws to install my new Corsair 140mm fans (blue led). So I took out the old ones, grabbed the new fans, and put the long fan screws through and I placed them on the mounting points labeled "140mm" but then slowly realized the long fan screws don't reach all the way through to the inside of the PC. They only seem long enough to be inserted through the actual case fan.



When I try to screw them in on the mounting points, they just don't tighten at all. So how did Corsair manage to install their stock fans using these long fan screws? What am I missing? So now I'm trying to use the short case fans that came with the fans themselves, and I'm havings no luck at all. I tried installing them from inside the case and it seems to fit but it's not going completely through and I can't seem to get the case fans lined up. This is an absolute nightmare and I can't seem to find any video's showing people installing Corsair case fans into a Corsair case. It's hell. What do I do?


PICTURES http://imgur.com/a/eDDsb



As you can see in the pictures, the long fan screws do not reach into the case at all. I have no idea how to tighten them or secure the case fan using these screws. There must be a method to do it if the case already came pre-installed with fans that used these screws. What am I doing wrong?

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