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M3dium - average color of your screen on your keyboard


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Hey guys!


I started developing a programm for myself that displays the average color of your screen on your Corsair keyboard. Now it turns out that it looks quite awesome so I thought I'd share it with you guys.


Before you read any further enjoy the demo video:





As you can see M3dium isn't about making your keyboard look very flashy or "gaming-keyboard-like", it is about making your keyboard fit to the content on your display wether it is games, movies, images etc. This does not only help immersion but is also very pleasant to your eyes especially when using the keyboard in a dark environment.


M3dium has a very low performance cost so you won't expirience a framedrop in your games. It should be compatible with every programm. If you expirience any problems with a certain game you should try switching the game to borderless fullsceen mode or use "Borderless Gaming" wich you can get from Steam or GitHub.


The programm is written in C# and uses DarthAffe's amazing CUE.NET. You can download the compiled programm here (DOWNLOAD FROM MEGA). Just unzip the folder in your program files or anywhere else and start the .exe.


UPDATE: Due to many PMs asking if I could release the source code I published the project on GitHub. Please note that the code is very unclean as I did not intend to publish it in the first place. GitHub


Have fun!

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