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CUE Link and diffrent modes/profile help

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So I like having my default profile using Spiral Rainbow w/Cue Link enabled. However, I've been attempting to make a 'Nighttime mode' where my Scimitar RGB Mouse, Strafe RGB Keyboard, and Void RGB USB Headset all have the lights turned off.


First I attempted to make a Mode to toggle to and I could simply turn down the Brightness on both keyboard & headset but mouse remains lit-up.


Second I made a new profile and easily just shut off all lights on all devices using a button to directly switch between this 'night' mode and my default one. However, when I do this it disables automatic profile switching.


While this is not a huge deal to right click on CUE and re-enable automatic profile switching, when returning to my default profile, I was wondering if my lack of knowledge is preventing me from making this final step be automatic or unnecessary.

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