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RAM errors in MEMTEST86


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Hello all, I have 5,746 ram errors in MEMTEST86 and I'm not even done on the first pass. I suppose I should RMA this set correct? I know it's a dumb question but I have never had RAM isses before. It would explain the severe instability....


MEMTEST is also listing the RAM incorrectly I think. It say's 1333Mhz but it should be 2400Mhz I think. The module model listed is CMD64GX4M8A24

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2400Mhz is the data rate and as it DDR4 the clock will be 1200MHz


I don't know what the SPD reports for your CMD64GX4M8A2400C14 DIMMs, but if it's the same as for CMD32GX4M4A2400C14 then there are 2 x XMP profiles.


1) 1200MHz @ 1.20 Volts

2) 1333MHz @ 1.35 volts


If you are using 1333MHz @ 1.20 Volts this could be the cause of the issues.


Change the BIOS settings to use the 1st XMP profile and see if that helps.


SIV can report the SPD, do Menu->Hardware->SPD Summary, a screen shot would be handy.

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OK, so the SPD is as I guessed.


What does the initial screen report just above the i7 logo it should be something like nnnnMHz Xxxx DDR4 RAM


Update to SIV 5.07 and then post the initial screen.


BTW you have W10 Version 1511 Build 10586 not Build 1511. I feel the W10 names M$ use are at best confusing, epically so for the fast track RS1 releases and only the build numbers made sense.

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The memory is running at 2400MHz with a clock of 1200MHz and I have no real idea as to why or what MEMTEST86 reported 1333MHz.


SIV only reporting 60.00GB rather than 64.00GB is strange. I suspect the BIOS found issues with the memory and disabled some.


Given this and the MEMTEST86 errors I would be inclined to request an RMA via https://corsair.secure.force.com/home/home.jsp and see what they say.

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