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whirring sound

Bob Hope

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Brand new CS650M starts making an annoying whirring sound on first day around three weeks ago. Sent it back to shop, who sent it back to me saying there is nothing wrong with it. Was fine for a week and then just started making the noise again.


Opened up the PC and gave the PSU a couple of taps which instantly stopped the noise.


Any views on how to proceed as I don't want to have to do this on a regular basis and I don't want to keep on sending it back to be told there is nothing wrong with it.


Thanks, Bob.

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I think I have the same Problem with my CS750M. It appears to be the Fan making the noise.

After I searched for a while I found out it could potentially be solved by installing the PSU with the Fan facing upwards instead of downwards. After that it worked for a few Months but now it makes that noise again, so I'm quite helpless as well.

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