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Just switched out my old CLink for the "new" mini version. Got a H100i in it which works great, the fans are pretty much holding my custom curve.

But I added 3 new fans, EK-Vardar F3-120. They don't really act the way I want them to. This is only happening to my EK fans, so I will just call them fan 1-3.



Fan 1 connected, it works like the Corsair fans. The RPM is correct, the curve seems to be working (Not that it matters, just want them to run low most of the time)


Fan 1 + 2 connected. 1 of them works but the other one can't get lower than like 800RPM (Want them around 500-600 RPM)


Fan 1 + 2 + 3 connected. 1 of them works alright, sitting at 600 RPM. But this one also seems to be dipping down to like 200RPM to just get boosted up to 1200RPM. The other two are just staying around 850-900RPM when I even try to set a fixed RPM.



Tried most of the combinations of connected fans, still does the same thing. Just with different fan each time. Alone, they all work around 500-600RPM, but not together.

To little juice to the fans/CLink or theres someting else?


Was planning to remove the H100i for custom loop soon but when this doesnt even work it will be tough to add 2 more EK fans instead of the Corsair.


EDIT: This is with CL4 and W8.1

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