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CorsairHID.exe error on every reboot.


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I really hope someone can help me get rid of this, had it for a few months but waiting for a decent CUE update for my Corsair VOID Wireless Headset seems to be a dream right now with Discord not working with it. Such a joke thinking i was actually buying a headset that was ready for market..


Im on Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit.





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The workaround is to disable enhancements in Windows, but when i do this it also disables 7.1 and even my mute button stops working, obviously EQ settings wont work either as these are 'enhancements'.


This CUE software is just.. well words cant describe, i already do early access with the DayZ Standalone game, i dont wana do early access for a headset i paid £90 for.


As for Discord, i just think they keep passing the buck but i believe its the CUE software as without CUE installed, Discord works fine.. but then my 7.1 and other stuff isnt there anymore.

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