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1500i AX fan knocking noise


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I own a 1500i ax corsair power supply since 10/16/2014. I never had a problem with it before. The fan recently started to make noise like a knocking sound when it spin at a low speed. As it start to spin faster the noise goes away. I'm starting to worry that the bearing's fan might be damaged. Should I start an rma for this unit ?

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Tech support support told me to apply some force to the center of the fan while the psu is facing up. It did not change anything so they accepted to replace the unit.


I'm glad that I still own my 1050hx while I'm waiting for the rma. I had to remove one video card from my tri sli configuration. I'm not sure the 1050hx could handle it with all gpu and cpu overclocked.


At least it's better than nothing.

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