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Asus X99 deluxe does not recognize H100i GTX


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Hello guys. I guess I'm not the first one post this question in this forum.


I'm using Asus X99 deluxe MB (rev1.03) And a H100i GTX. Just like other users have similar combination. The MB does not recognize the Cooling system in BIOS (no fan reading). I believe I install the system correctly and the USB cable is firmly plugged in the usb header.


For now the problems are


1.CPU block light is not on

2.BIOS has no fan reading

3.Clink does not recognize the cooling system (device section is empty)


As alternative I plug two fan into cpu fan and cpu opt connection and the cpu block in to cha fan connection. the system seems mechanically working.


The pump looks like is running and both fans are control by Asus AI suit. CPU temp is about 30 'C


The problem is still no light from the cpu block and the system does not recognize the cooling system.


Is there any official solution for the problem on Asus X99 MB? Is not like the system is failing but I do want to have a full function system.


Thank you


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Have you disabled CPU_FAN control in the BIOS? Maybe the X99 deluxe needs PWM control rather than Disabled.


It would be easier to help if you added your PC Specs to your profile, so I advice you to do this.


Running ASUS AI Suite and CL at the same time can cause issues. See http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?p=790272 + http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?p=751185

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