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Memory Fan Dominator Airflow on RVE


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hi guys


anyone know if the Memory Fan Dominator Airflow is not having issues with the GFX on the PCIe 1 on the Asus Rampage V extreme, using a sli setup on it. will not the "feet" from the Memory Fan Dominator Airflow be on the way of the gfx?

or if there is a fix/solution to avoid those 2 being on the way of each other?


if you use on that motherboard with it could you post as picture ?



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Sadly, it doesn't look like this is going to get fixed anytime soon. I talked with Corsair support a while back about it, but they still have a Rampage V Extreme as their "example" board on the product page, turned in a way so you can't see it blocking the PCIe lane.


Both of my airflow fans are sitting in their box in storage. The memory itself doesn't really get hot enough to require them.

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