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Faulty RAM


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Ok long story short


From 6 months I have been battling with app hangs and crashes, weird boot up crashes and more.


1st thing I did was run memtest85+ for 3 days from dos/usb. Did 0 errors so I excluded ram from issue list. Following that over period of 6 months I replaced/changed/tried:


2x CPU

2x Mobo

3x GPU

5x HDD

2x PSU


Now I come to an end and decided that its time to look again at RAM issue. Instead of testing it I simply went to local shop and bought cheapest 8 gb ram.


Put it in. PC work with no issues. It started it run programs it does not crash. Im quite surprised. But so far all my software licensed properly and everything works with no crashes. Also it runs at native speed something that Corsair ram refused to do so.


Conclusion my ram is damaged in a way that memtest cant detect it :- (((


I'd like now to replace all 8x8gb sticks of my ram as this one I find faulty. I tried different configurations of the ram. Using 1 stick /2/4/6/8. Not only it causes errors over course of day while working it also NEVER run at native speed of 2400 but was always deadlocked automatically by mobo from 2400 down to 2133. It never really bother me as my previous system had the same issue when all ram slots were populated but now I think its actually a faulty ram.


Anyway I made a ticket and I wanted to make a call to rush things around but there is no number.


So is there any place/number I can call to get RMA number to send it back before Saturday 19 dec ?


Will UK RMA center handle it?





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