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M90/M95 mouse easy fix


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I have seen many people on the forums with the wheel skipping issue. Where scrolling up in down in a web page it would often jump around with erratic behavior. It was hard to determine the issue, being it would sometimes work fine. As time went on the problem got worse and worse. I kind of assumed the problem was an component type of failure, like some type of sensor or something. Luckily it was more simple than that. In my case and I suspect many others, it was simply the tip that inserts into the scroll wheel housing hole. The axle tip is hexagonal like in shape that fits into a similar shaped hole in order to catch and spin the optical wheel inside the housing. Long story short the plastic of either the axle or the hole it fits into starts to strip over time. It will catch as you scroll and sometimes slip and fall back in the other direction. That's the reason for the up and down skipping. Sometimes the axle makes a good connection to the hole and the problem hardly shows or doesn't at all. I put a small drop of super glue on the axle tip and fit it back in the proper place. Being careful not to put to much in fear of it spilling over and seizing up the entire optical housing. Once the glue solidified the problem was gone, No more slipping!! Mouse is as good as new. Good luck hope that helps you everyone unable to RMA.
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