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HELP! HeatMap + Heartbeat (During Idle Mode)

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Hey Guys,


I just got my FIRST EVER mechanical keyboard K70 RGB Brown and I wanted the help of this awesome community.


I saw this [ame=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-kNHFSSSHs]heartbeat profile[/ame] and I want to do this when my computer is in standby,locked, and/or idle.

Then when I use my computer I would like the keyboard to switch to this [ame=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12ce5pkYG2c]heat map profile[/ame].


It would be great if someone/anyone could help me with maybe a detailed tutorial to do this or even the profiles and some steps on how to do this. For I have been researching and learning how to import profiles, convert, and basic lighting effects and linking them to programs. But I am confused :sigh!: on how to do this.



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Highlight a few of the keys that you want to be in the heartbeat, and rightclick/add to new group, and call it heartbeat. Add the rest of the heartbeat onto it. Then just add a wave effect coming at 0 degrees (left to right) composed of 0/255/0 colouration. You would go to lighting, add new effect, wave, right click in the big empty box, click new. This will be one of the colours in the wave - the box that says intensity, think of it as a timeline of the effect. You can add more colours and combine them together, by adding "new" eachtime in the intensity box and dragging it around. Then you just go drag and drop that effect onto the heartbeat group.
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