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Corsair 780T front 360 radiator


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Hi to everyone,


next month i want to move to the new 780T and i want to add a 360 radiator in the top, which should not make any problem, and a 360 in the front, which could be a problem.

In this review of the case, you can see that the rad he is using didn´t fit in the front without small mods. But i want a radiator that fits without modding the case. So the big question is, which rad fits in the front and lines up with the screwholes? [ame]

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i'm in the same boat with you...


here are two options for the front 360:


1. drill new holes for the front rad mounts, fans, etc

2. from the vid you can see that he's having trouble with a 360mm rad that measures 400mm (not counting the caps) -- the screw holes in the case and rad appear to be off by 2-3mm -- by that token, you'd need to find a 360mm with a length of less than 397mm AND it would need to have only two ports (any port at the top of the chamber would mean adding stopper plugs that'd decrease the maximum length to about 394mm (haven't found any that small) - this also means that you'd be looking for a slim 360mm (25-35mm thickness), because everything i've seen that's thicker has more chamber ports


i have found 2-3 slimmer 360mm rads that are smaller than 397mm length over at frozencpu.com, but i forgot to bookmark them - sorry


also, i'm not sure about the 360mm rad in the top - yes, it fits...but unless you put the rad at the very top with no fans...you'd either have the rad or fans blocking (at least) the topmost 5.25" drive bay - perhaps that's not an issue for you - though i did see that someone managed a push/pull 360mm top rad with a short fan controller in the uppermost 5.25" bay


hope this helps!


here are two that'd fit, though this is in no way a recommendation...just an example - there could be others, but these specifically mentioned all dimensions, have no ports at the top of the chamber, and were in-stock:



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Thanks Mate,


i found the Hardware Labs Black ICE Radiator GTX-Lite 360. Its 397mm long and has a good performance, i think i should fit in the Top and in the Front. So i think i will buy 2 of these, they are cheap also :D


So i think i got all infos i need to build up my PC next month.

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