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Profile Switch on Screensaver


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I was messing around and wanted my profile to change when the screensaver starts up. However, when you go and select "Link Profile to Program" it only looks for .exe files (all screensaver files are .scr).


However, if you type in (instead of selecting) "C:\Windows\System32\{INSERT SCREENSAVER FILE}", it will trigger when the screensaver loads.


Mine currently triggers on "C:\Windows\System32\ribbons.scr".





However, my question for anyone is is there a way that the keyboard doesn't flip to the default red with pulsing WASD/Arrow keys when the computer goes to sleep? Could it be because it's not loaded to the keyboard?



EDIT: After changing my screensaver to go on at 1 minute, I realized that doesn't trigger it. It just stays with my default settings. However, it does still trigger when I preview it via the Control Panel. Does anyone know if these reference different files?

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Hey I have a question about this. I have my screensaver as my photos which is linked to my wallpapers that is in my external under My Briefcase. So does anyone know the directory path that I would have to link to the profile to try and get this to work?


Oh wait never mind I got it to work I was just looking for the wrong file name and forgot to switch it back to Automatic Profile Switching

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So after the last firmware update this trick to get the screensaver to work, no longer works on my K70.


It works fine with the programs I have tested but scr files don't seem to work anymore. Anyone have a workaround or is it Corsair we need to have fix it?

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