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K70 RGB Gunmetal MX Blues?


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..."This is what I'd like, baby, and your the only one to give me what I want, baby. So don't go taking your love to Shady's, and never forget my LED's."


I've tried the MX Reds (K70) and they are a little too sensitive to my style. I think I'd like to try the MX Blues because it might remind me of all those papers I typed on those old IBM Ball Heads...mostly fond memories.


No hurry, but if something can come out in the next six months, it would make me pleased.


_D :shootme:

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im not sure about gunmetal top plate, but the k70 rgb with the black plate will definitely be released in browns and blues, this was officially announced when they announced the product, and they had physical samples of the k70 rgb in all 3 switches at PAX.



I could live with a black plate, but I think a grey plate would make the colors look better with not so much contrast. If I'm spending a small fortune on a keyboard, then it would be nice to get what I'd like.

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