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Need advice on dismantling a 750D


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Hi all,


Wanting to take apart the 750D so I can apply a custom paint job to it. However it looks like the chassis is put together with rivets, so it could be seriously hard to dismantle. At the very least I'd like to be able to take the front plastic panel surround off and yank out the front I/O panel so I'm not running the risk of painting them.


Has anyone torn the 750D apart already. If so does anyone have any pictures or advice? Obviously the side panels are easy, as is the front panel and the plastic surround to the 5.25" bays. I can try taping the plastic parts up while undercoating, but that seems like a pain in the backside.


Cheers in advance



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You should be able to remove the front fascia by gently pulling it out. Please advise that this front fascia only pertains to the front panel + 5.25 bay area only. Unfortunately you may have to tape the front panel frame area as that part is not removable on the 750D.


Please refer to page 5 of the manual:




The Front I/O panel can also be removed using a philips screwdriver.

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