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CMY16GX3M2A1866C9 - corsair vengeance pro 8x2gb - BSOD errors


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i bought this memory for my build thats been running for about 6 months now

since the start i got BSOD related to the memory and even messeges within windows itself saying there is a problem with my memory


but i neglected this issue because i only got a BSOD once every few weeks

while running my system 24/7


but since a few days ago i am now getting BSOD few times a day

and it says "memory management"


memtest gives thousands of errors

and always shows the same area in the memory that has a problem

(1793mb - 1920mb)


i live in israel

i will probably go to the pc shop i bought my parts and tell them about this

i hope they will replace my memory

but is there another way i could do this maybe online and get sent fresh memory












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